So They Call This a “Blog”

I’m looking to start graduate school this coming fall, and the admissions advisor suggested that to get used to online based platforms via blogging, so here I am.

In the last three weeks I have spent a significant amount of time researching recipes and baking, so I thought… perhaps this would be a good place to start this “blog.” This is by all means a very introductory version of what I hope to turn this into, but for now it will serve to document the recipes that I create (or REcreate) for the “Cupcake Wednesdays” that I’ve initiated at work.  I will also be using it as a forum to post some (very amateur) photos of these mounds of “cakey deliciousness.”

I am more than willing to take any suggestions regarding topics, or recipes to try.

For now I’ll leave you with this week’s “Wednesday Cupcake”

 A fudgey brownie cake with a gooey peanut butter filling, topped with a fresh vanilla meringue butter cream and a mini Reese’s egg.

(Recipe to Follow)


~ by aqua0317 on 1 March, 2012.

One Response to “So They Call This a “Blog””

  1. Should have called it cupcake a-hole! happy bloggin’ Love ya! 🙂

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