Summer in a Cupcake- Dreamcicle

This week’s Wednesday Cupcake was another special request.

I did lots of searching on the interwebs for an Orange Creamcicle (or “Dreamcicle”) cupcake recipe.  As it turns out, apparently there are lots, but none that really looked all that delightful. That is, until I found this one.  Not only was the icing super pretty, but the combo of fresh whipped cream and the orange yogurt in the batter sounded delightful, so I decided to give it at shot.

I should have known that this cupcake wasn’t going to go according to plan from the beginning when I was having difficulty finding a recipe that I liked, but I carried on.

This recipe required that I go to the store and get things that I don’t normally have at home: Heavy Whipping Cream and “a small container of Orange Creme Yogurt.”  My second clue that this might go awry should have come when I was wandering around the grocery store.  After grabbing most of the things I needed, I headed over to the dairy aisle to get the whipping cream and yogurt. Some random guy (who was clearly with his very not-amused girlfriend) wanted to spend a significant amount of time telling me where and how I could get yogurt for cheap in bulk.  I attempted (very politely) to explain that I was only in need of ONE container of yogurt, but that I appreciated his wealth of knowledge.  This did not end the conversation… it did however alter my concentration.  Though I found this gem for my bestie who is no longer allowed to drink milk:

What I failed to do was pay attention to what I was grabbing… I ended up grabbing the wrong yogurt.  Of course I didn’t realize this until I was home and grabbing it out of the fridge to add it to the batter… but more on that later. So home I went to work on this week’s cupcake

Once I got home I got to work following directions (to the best of my ability) until step 7 when I pulled the yogurt out of the fridge and discovered: I had grabbed PEACH yogurt with little chunks in it instead of the recommended “Orange Creme” (just like the one pictured above, only the regular kind). After eyeballing both containers that had been purchased and realizing that I had NO time to go back to the store (nor desire), I figured it could be worse (I could have grabbed boston cream or something) so I tossed it in.

I finished up the mixing of the batter, put them in my lined muffin tins, and tossed them in the oven at 350 for about 25 minutes.

While they were baking I worked on the filling and the frosting while Mindi oversaw the operation.

(shamelessly showing off photo of my spoiled 4.5lb dog here)

 The whipped cream filling is just as it says on the original website: “so easy it’s (almost) scary.” The frosting was equally as simple, and I didn’t go as fancy as suggested.  I did however pick an orange that felt like it had a fairly thin rind for its size and tossed it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds to “loosen up the juices,” hey if it works for lemons, then why not other citrus fruit right? I did add the cream cheese to this recipe, but could have just as well skipped it, I don’t think that 2 tsp made any significant taste difference to the frosting. I believe that I zested closer to the whole orange rather than just half, and made sure to squeeze my orange over a strainer so that I wouldn’t get any seeds in the frosting.  At this point I just added confectioners sugar until it was “frosting like consistency” and set it aside.  I didn’t do any of the fancy coloring and dying that was done in the original, but I did put my own little twist on the decorating.

Once they cupcakes were cool I put the fresh whipped cream in the center (sacrificing one to check the cake/filling ratio) and then piped the frosting on top.

Though regrettably candying orange peel was time prohibitive, and it might have meant that I broke Rule #1 of cupcake decorating, I decided to improvise and place twisted orange peel on top of my mound of carefully swirled frosting.

Of course I had to taste test the one that was sacrificed (prior to being frosted) and found that, honestly, this was NOT my favorite cupcake ever.  But they were by special request (as each week has been) so I figured I’d roll with it and see what kind of feed back I got. I took my latest (re)creation into work and (after warning everyone that eating the garnish was possible but probably not delicious) got amazingly great reviews.  The yogurt (wrong flavor or not) definitely kept them moist and the whipped cream was the perfect filling.  I really liked the look of the simplistic frosting with the specks of orange zest showing through, but still wish I had had a chance to candy the peel.

Either way, this tray:

disappeared in record time. Which is all that really matters.  I bake, People eat, Everyone’s happy!


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One Response to “Summer in a Cupcake- Dreamcicle”

  1. Hi. I received a ping back on my orange creamsicle cupcake blog so I came over to check yours out. First of all, let me say I’m very flattered that you chose my cupcake. I enjoyed reading your “little mishaps” while you were shopping and baking. No worries, a great baker/cook always knows how to improvise and go with the flow of things to make it work, which you clearly did. More importantly you made that cupcake your own. And that is what it’s really all about isn’t it? I think so.

    I’m glad I found your blog. Now I have a new fellow foodie and blogging friend to check in on. BTW…I have that same cupcake carrier. I just love it!!!! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

    Sherri @
    The Kitchen Prescription

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