trying not to fail!

Things that have happened since my last post (a month ago, I’m sorry):

1) I have new baby pictures to hold in my wallet (and hopefully will have more next week to share also.) Pregnancy is going really well.  I’m starting to get a bit of a bump, and feel like I look pregnant (some days) rather than just chubby.  I’ve gained more weight that I would like, but from what I hear that’s all part of this process.  Other than worrying about my weight and trying to educate myself about all things labor/delivery/breast-feeding/etc… Things have been relatively uneventful. I’m taking that as a blessing and staring to really enjoy feeling all the bouncing and rolling that’s going on!!

2) 4 Wednesdays have come and gone… I baked for 3 of them (and got harassed like no other on the one that I didn’t bake) There are posts coming for the three weeks, but the flavors were: Vanilla Bean Creme Brule, Chocolate Peanutbutter (a new version,) and Raspberry Lemonade.

3) I have made a commitment to attempt to eat Paleo for 30 days.  At the 30 day mark I will asses my overall health, my weight gain, and my mood to see if I can notice any marked improvement… (*spoiler alert*: it’s been only 2 weeks and I can already tell you the answer is yes)

I’ll keep this post short, I just didn’t want anyone to think that I had disappeared into the blogosphere again… and I’ll leave you with this: Rather than a picture of my dog this week you get a sneak peek at a picture of our peanut! It’s crazy to think that baby will be here int (+/-) 16 short weeks!!!! (Since we’re not finding out the sex, feel free to guess!)


~ by aqua0317 on 6 October, 2012.

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